Church of Christ at Persimmon Grove in Bremen, AL

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During the time of COVID restrictions we are posting lessons each Sunday on Facebook at Persimmon Grove Church of Christ. We are currently meeting on both Sunday and Wednesday night with broadcast into the parking lot. We are not posting audio to this page. Thank you. 

Hearing by the Word of God (Tim Junkin 6-14-20)

Forsaken (Tim Junkin 6-14-20)

My Weaker Brother (Tim Junkin 6-7-20) 

Plan Ahead (Tim Junkin 6-7-20)

Content (Tim Junkin 3-15-20)

Tempted (Tim Junkin 3-15-20)

First (Tim Junkin 3-8-20)

The Way Truth and Life (Tim Junkin 3-1-20)

God's Will (Tim Junkin 3-1-20)

Why I left the Baptist Church (Tim Junkin at Bellgreen CoC 11-5-17)