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How Close Are You? (Tim Junkin 1-20-19)

Hearing (Tim Junkin 1-20-19)

All Things in Common (Tim Junkin 1-13-19)

All Things in Common 2 (Tim Junkin 1-13-19)

Thou Shall (Tim Junkin 1-6-19)

The Heart (Tim Junkin 1-6-19)

Chapter 3 Verse 16 (Tim Junkin 12-30-18)

Women and The Church (12-30-18)

Handwriting Blotted Out (Tim Junkin 12-23-18)

Should Be Saved (Tim Junkin 12-23-18)

Col. 2 (Tim Junkin 12-16-18)

Adding or Aiding (Tim Junkin 12-16-18)

Resurrection (Tim Junkin 12-9-18)

Zacchaeus (Tim Junkin 12-9-18)

Just Believe (Tim Junkin 12-2-18)

Our Works (Tim Junkin 12-2-18)​

Why I left the Baptist Church (Tim Junkin at Bellgreen CoC 11-5-17)

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