Church of Christ at PERSIMMON GROVE in Bremen, AL

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Love (Tim Junkin 12-8-19)

Using God's Word (Tim Junkin 12-8-19)

Physical Life (Tim Junkin 12-1-19)

Are You Prepared (Tim Junkin 12-1-19)

Contend For the Faith (Tim Junkin 11-24-19)

Work of Deacons (Tim Junkin 11-24-19)

The Light (Tim Junkin 11-17-19)

The Path (Tim Junkin 11-17-19)

Deep Water (Norman Love 11-10-19)

Worldliness (Michael Lindsey 11-10-10)

Working Towards a Rest (Tim Junkin 11-3-19)

Those Who Don't Believe (Tim Junkin 11-3-19)

Why I left the Baptist Church (Tim Junkin at Bellgreen CoC 11-5-17)