Church of Christ at PERSIMMON GROVE in Bremen, AL

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Not To Be Seen of Men (Tim Junkin 4-15-18)

Are you Denying Christ? (Tim Junkin 4-15-18)

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven (Tim Junkin 4-8-18)

Walk by the Standard (Tim Junkin 4-8-18)

Steadfast Till the End (Bill Hall 4-5-18)

Responsibilities of Mature Christians (Marshal Reid 4-4-18)

Responsibilities of Young Christians (Jarrod McCrary 4-3-18)

Active or Passive Gospel (Kyle Ellison 4-2-18) 

Oh What a Savior (Mike Lauderdale 4-1-18)

Self Denial (Mike Lauderdale 4-1-18)

The Law (Tim Junkin 3-25-18)

Judge Not (Tim Junkin 3-25-18)

God Is Love (Tim Junkin 3-18-18)

God Is Love 2 (Tim Junkin 3-18-18)

Working Faith (Tim Junkin 3-11-18)

Delight in the Law of the Lord (Tim Junkin 3-4-18)

Where Do You Sit? (Tim Junkin 3-4-18)

Why I left the Baptist Church (Tim Junkin at Bellgreen CoC 11-5-17)