Church of Christ at PERSIMMON GROVE in Bremen, AL

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Purity (Tim Junkin 9-17-17)

I am the Way (Tim Junkin 9-17-17)

Just as Jesus Was (Tim Junkin (9-10-17)

Willingly Received Him (Tim Junkin 9-10-17)

Seek the Lord While He is Found (Tim Junkin 9-3-17)

To Whom is the Lord Revealed (Tim Junkin 9-3-17)

Ministry (Tim Junkin 8-27-17)

No Substutions (Tim Junkin 8-27-17)
The Church (Tim Junkin 8-20-17)
The Sower (Tim Junkin 8-20-17)

Complacency (Tim Junkin 8-13-17)

The Word (Tim Junkin 8-13-17)

All Authority (Tim Junkin (8-6-17)

Heart of Unbelief (Tim Junkin 8-6-17)