Church of Christ at PERSIMMON GROVE in Bremen, AL

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Time (Tim Junkin 9-16-18)

Strong Drink (Tim Junkin 9-16-18)

Food (Tim Junkin 9-9-18) 

What Kind of Tree are You? (Tim Junkin 9-9-18) 

Faithful Money (Tim Junkin 9-2-18)

Our Inheritance (Tim Junkin 9-2-18)

Change In Life (Tim Junkin 8-26-18)

The Faithful Will Survive (Tim Junkin 8-26-18)

Read The Instructions (Tim Junkin 8-19-18)

Moved by The Spirit (Tim Junkin 8-19-18)

Truth in Jesus (Tim Junkin 8-12-18)

Speak To a Person (Tim Junkin 8-12-18)

Jesus Our High Priest (Tim Junkin 8-5-18)

Jesus the Apostle (Tim Junkin 8-5-18)

Consequences (Tim Junkin 7-29-18)

Family and Consequences (Tim Junkin 7-29-18)

​​​Why I left the Baptist Church (Tim Junkin at Bellgreen CoC 11-5-17)