Church of Christ at PERSIMMON GROVE in Bremen, AL

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The Work (Tim Junkin 7-14-19)

Bring Forth (Tim Junkin 7-14-19)

The Gospel for All (Tim Junkin 7-7-19)

Faith Grace and Works (Tim Junkin 7-7-19)

Shadrach Meshach and Abednigo (Tim Junkin 6-30-19)

James 2 (Tim Junkin 6-30-19)

Why have the Bible (Tim Junkin 6-23-19)

Paul's Journeys (Tim Junkin 6-23-19)

Last Words Malachi (Jeffery David 6-16-19)

Last Words I have Loved You (Jeffery David 6-16-19)

The Great Commission (Tim Junkin 6-2-19)

The Great Commission-2 (Tim Junkin 6-2-19)

Why I left the Baptist Church (Tim Junkin at Bellgreen CoC 11-5-17)